Saturday, June 26, 2010

camping in our own back yard

Mariah has been asking to go camping since mmm last september. So yesterday morning Mariah woke up saying "Daddy get up, lets eat breakfast and go camping! come on daddy we have to get ready." She really knows how to melt her daddy's heart, so he told her that they were gonna go camping. She got her back pack and in it were some clothes and a flashlight you have to have a flashlight when you are camping. Some how she got her blankie to fit through the straps on the back pack and she was ready to go. Travis hooked up the power to the trailer and the ate spagettios for dinner and ice cream and smores for desert. She was so excited she was singing a camping song all. Then night came she grab her pillow and blanket and off they went. they didn't last all night actually at 9:30 Mariah said that it was time for breakfast!

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