Friday, October 8, 2010


I have been slow at posting this month. I know that it is Down syndrome awareness month and I have sat down many times to write about this but, words cannot describe who I feel about Mariah and about Down syndrome. I have chose today today about something that means so much to a mother of a child with Down syndrome. those of you who have children with Down syndrome or any special need will understand what I am feeling. Mariah has always been very social and has made friends easily. I put Mariah in a preschool with typical developing children and there was always a couple little kids that would take Mariah under their wing. They would help her(a little to much mariah caught on to this pretty quick)with her coat or her shoes. I loved watching them interact with each other.I was afraid for kindergarten I knew it would be a whole new ball game now. Kids would start realizing that she was different and kids would start being mean. I would like to think that this doesn't still happen but, it does. So you can imagine how I was feeling when a mother came up to me and said that her little girl has been asking her everyday to play with Mariah. Someone was actually asking to play with her it wasn't me setting up play dates someone wanted to play with her. So, Mariah went to her house that day and had a really good time. both little girls continue to ask us if they can play. This mom has no idea how grateful I am that she looked pass the Down syndrome and saw a little girl. Yesterday we had Kataya come to our house and I watched theses to little girls playing Katya listening to Mariah talk and actually understood what she was saying. They played babies and jumped on the tramp I even heard them making plans for the next play date. This month I have been thinking about the 90% percent of babies with Down syndrome that get aborted. What has this world come to? Are we really to the point where we think the value of ones life is based on being less than "perfect" My hope is that someone will read my blog and realize that Down syndrome does not define who they are. And, I wish I could send this to the two kids in Miranda's school that use the phrase "what are you Down syndrome" or I like this one too " duh, you must have a little down syndrome in you" really? kids still say stuff like this. I must really be naive don't they see what I see? This is what I see take a look