Sunday, April 24, 2011


This ones for you Grandma Nae!

What another note where is the candy?

I found one!



Hey Mom!

Easter was so fun this year! last night Cianna was asking me how the easter bunny was going to get into our house with his big ears. She wanted to sleep on the couch so she could see him. Then she asked me "mom why do we have days like christmas and Easter?" I love her questions. Chandler and I had so much fun hiding eggs. Mariah wasn't interested in eating her candy she just wanted to share with everyone.

spring break 2011


Cianna would not look at the camera

who's idea was this anyway? don't you know sharks can eat us? Mariah hated the aquarium! she was scared of everything. My foster son is affraid of trees so there was no way he was going under those scary fake vines.