Wednesday, July 28, 2010

swimming with cousins

We went to my aunts house up in west Jordan to go swimming in her neighborhood pool. My cousin was here from New york actually she is moving to Colorado now and my other cousin Lori. We really don't see each other more than once a year but, I'm thinking we should. It was fun to get our kids together and Miranda came too.

Friday, July 23, 2010

hugging my kids a little tighter

Three years ago I met a darling little girl with curly hair at Mariah's play group. Sayler has Autism and her and Mariah have been in preschool together. The teacher told me that Mariah is always making sure that Sayler is ok. I have become good friends with Sayler and her mom. Yesterday, Sayler was hit by a boy on a dirt bike.  Around here you can ride Atvs and dirtbikes on the road. He was going way to fast and didn't see her. She was taken by ambulance to the hospital in Nephi and later life flighted to PCMC. She broke her femur in three different spots. She had surgery and is now in a cast from her toes to her belly button. She has some other injuries too, but she is doing ok. My heart breaks for her family. Praying that she recovers quickly and they get a break from tragedy's they have had many lately.

July happenings.

i finally got a second to update my blog. We have been busy this month. We celebrated Chandler's birthday on the 7th. he is 15! Chandler has been going since the day he was born. He walked at 9 months and hasn't stop yet. He loves to tease but, he is so kind when I asked him what he wanted to to for his birthday he said he wanted to take his great grandparents out to lunch. Happy birthday! soon I will have two kids driving!   We also celebrated my mom's birthday it was fun to go down to Tori. I love pictures they tell a story better than words sometimes. I can't believe July is almost over!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

miss summer days contest and the 4th of july

I love living in a little town for a lot of reasons they have a cute little 4th of july celebration at the park put on by the church. the kids love it. I think they used all their tickets on the slide. But, sometimes living in a little town can have its negatives, for example, every year they have the little miss summer days contest. this is for ages 2-12 I have done it for the last three years just because it was a way for me to advocate for kids with Down syndrome. And , this year I put Cianna in it because she really wanted to do. I wasn't going to do it this year at all because every year the same girls win. there are a lot of other cute little girls too. But every year it is the same well known families that win and the girl that puts on the pageant, her little girl wins every year. I am not saying that my girls should win I am just saying Pick someone else and give them a chance!!! I am way done I won't be doing it next year. so, the pictures are from that and from the 4th of july. after the carnival we went to our friends house for a barbeque. Happy 4th of july!