Sunday, July 4, 2010

miss summer days contest and the 4th of july

I love living in a little town for a lot of reasons they have a cute little 4th of july celebration at the park put on by the church. the kids love it. I think they used all their tickets on the slide. But, sometimes living in a little town can have its negatives, for example, every year they have the little miss summer days contest. this is for ages 2-12 I have done it for the last three years just because it was a way for me to advocate for kids with Down syndrome. And , this year I put Cianna in it because she really wanted to do. I wasn't going to do it this year at all because every year the same girls win. there are a lot of other cute little girls too. But every year it is the same well known families that win and the girl that puts on the pageant, her little girl wins every year. I am not saying that my girls should win I am just saying Pick someone else and give them a chance!!! I am way done I won't be doing it next year. so, the pictures are from that and from the 4th of july. after the carnival we went to our friends house for a barbeque. Happy 4th of july!

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  1. Great to meet you too today. Thanks for your comment on my blog so I can follow yours now too :)