Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July fun continues at the cabin with Grandpa and Uncle James

Now that is a camping face

A pet worm? That is gross Cianna

Grandpa's Cabin

Playing in the creek


Fishing with Dad

Cianna and Uncle James

Cianna and her pet worm Allie

We spent the night up at the cabin with Grandpa Phil and Uncle James. We caught some fish, played in the stream. Mariah was scared of everything at night. she would not go to sleep, until Travis put her in bed with me she fell asleep instantly. By morning I had her and Cianna in bed with me and Travis was on the floor. The girls said the funnest part was riding in uncle James truck no seat belts on dirt roads! Cianna loved fishing especially the worms. She asked if the worm she was holding could be her pet. Mariah wanted nothing to do with the worms! Fun times. Thanks to my husband who worked hard to make it fun for the kids.

4th of July with Friends

After a hot day at the park the kids played in the water

Little Hallie

Cute Sophia

Yummy Popsicles


On Saturday we had our friends over for the 4th of July little carnival down at the park. We had a barbecue followed by some sparkler fun! Ivy and Mike have 4 girls. Alivia and Mariah are three months apart and Cianna and Sophie are just days apart.