Thursday, June 24, 2010

summer time fun

sometimes I sit and ask myself where have I been all my life. like the George strait song, I seriously sit and wonder where my life went and what have I been doing while my first born was growing up now she is sixteen and my son now 15 savannah now a teenager Mariah going into kindergarten and my baby is three? please stop! I want time to stop or even just slow down. As I get older Ithink time goes faster. And that is another problem when did I get so old? I look at pictures from the past and it is as if I am watching a movie about someone elses life. before I know it my kids will all be gone that is a horrible thought I don't ever want my house to be without children. I want more children. I want so badly to adopt a child with down syndrome from eastern europe. I have wanted to adopt kids with special needs since high school. But my husband doesn't see it the way I do. We don't have enough room and we already have enough kids. I dont' see that way  these children are like mariah stuck in an orphanege it makes me sickthere is always room to help a child. I pray that my husband will have a change of heart. but, until then I will share with you some of the things we have been doing this summer I can't figure out how to write under the picture but any way we got to go to the princesses festival with the united angels foundation it was really fun the girls loved all the princesses. and they have been swimming who knew that an eleven dollar pool could be so much fun. Cianna put on her own sun screen. i don't think she will get burnt at least on her cheeks.

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