Sunday, September 12, 2010

A day at the park

   I took the little girls and Tim to the park yesterday, and at  the park there is a  stage, Mariah and Cianna love to just play on it pretending to perform she pretends to go in the dressing room and puts on her make up, then she comes out and sings and dances. I wish she would do this at her dance recitals. Cianna is right with her. It was fun to watch them. I took Tim's picture off because I don't think I can put it up because he is in foster care, but he did so well yesterday he is terrified of trees. I have been working with him every morning on the way to the bus rewarding any kind of effort to get near a tree with M&M's he will do anything for this. He walked under the trees at the park and seemed to be calm. the park is full of trees there is no avoiding them. In the past he would have sat down and refused to walk. so we are making progress now if we could do the same with hair cuts this will be a longer battle. Have any of you seen the oreo comercial with the brothers one having Down syndrome and it flashes back to when they were little all the way through college. I love it, That is how Mariah and Cianna are together always hugging each other they really are best friends. Here are some cute pictures of them yesterday. I know I post  a lot of pictures of the little ones but, the bigger ones never come.

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