Sunday, September 5, 2010

camping with friends

Mariah and Travis



girls on the four wheeler


Mike and Alivia


Cianna and Travis

Mariah, Alivia, Sophia, and Cianna

Alivia and Sophia

This memorial weekend Travis went with is friend Mike camping to train the dogs for the up coming bird hunts. I couldn't go camping for the whole weekend because I can't leave Tim that long and I can't take him because he is terrified of trees we are working on this and the kid will do anything for M&Ms but, the reality of it is that he hates them and we do not have a bathroom to take care of his colostomy so he stayed with his mom over night and Ivy and I (she is Mikes wife) decided to take the girls down for the day. She has four girls and I had the two younger girls. Mariah and Alivia are a couple months apart and sophia and Cianna are a week apart. She has a nine year old and baby Hallie is four months old so all together their were six little girls. It was a 2 and a half hour drive to get there and they were all so good. We had lots of fun And we were both happy to get home. That is my kind of camping for the day. I grew up camping all the time and enjoyed it for the most part except for the dirt. But, lately it just seems to be more work than it is worth and the little girls get bored after a day anyway so it was perfect. Here are some pictures of our trip.


  1. Hi! You should come up to the Utah County Buddy Walk. It's Sept. 25 in Cedar Hills. Let me know if you can make it so I can watch for you. I'm doing a Reece's Rainbow booth there. Wanna help me with it?

  2. Our family takes a lot of day trips. That camping trip looks just perfect! :)