Friday, August 27, 2010

Stranger under the tree

I really can't think of a good title to this post but, I want to share an experience actually a couple experiences I had this week. Today as I was driving through town for the 5th time I was lost in my thoughts of what I needed to accomplish today and how I wasn't getting anything done, when I notice a man wearing a long sleeve shirts dirty levi's his hair was long and he had a scruffy beard. He walked bent over from the weight he was carrying on his back. He had a pack the kind you wear hiking, a rolled up sleeping bag and a rolled up blanket. He looked tired and hot, as I past him I wondered what his story was, where he was coming from and where he was going. Was he a homeless guy with a mental illness or maybe he was on an adventure walking acrossed the states. My mind soon wandered back to my list of things to do. Later that day as I was walking out to get Tim off the bus I saw something under the tree that was at the end of our property and along the side of the road. I couldn't see what it was I thought someone had dropped off some garbage. As I made my way to the tree I saw him the same man that I saw earlier. He was sitting under the tree with his shoes off. I smiled and said Hi, he replied back with a smile saying that it was so refreshing to sit under this tree on such a hot day. I asked him where he was going and he said to Provo and that he had left Nephi this morning. I told to have a good day and I walked back into the house. I couldn't stop thinking about him I wondered if he needed a drink or if he was hungary, should I take a chance what if he comes back and he is dangerous no, I am going to take my chances I told the little girls that there was a man under the tree and that he was walking along ways because he didn't have a car so I was going to go and give him some water or a pepsi. So, me and the two little girls walked up the driveway to find the man still sitting under the tree. I asked him if he would like some water or a soda and he said"probably both" He took the drinks from me and then he said" can I do anything for you maybe a job or something?" no, thats ok have a good day and I walked back to my house. Cianna who just turned 3 said "mom we should build him a house and give him our car. I wish I knew his story but a very small three year old with a big heart  learned a good lesson in serving others. Then I thought to myself how many times have been to busy with my own life to notice those that could use some help.  or how many times have I been to scared to help or just figured that someone else will help.I am going to be more aware of those around me and try to teach my kids the same thing after all that is why we are here, to serve others and help those that need help.

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  1. Oh thats so sweet! I know my boys would be in tears and wanting to bring him home! I love our childrens tender hearts!